Delta 8 Shipping - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shipping Delta 8 Through USPS Legal?

Yes. USPS allows shipments of hemp thanks to the 2018 farm bill which legalized hemp-derived compounds. They have released a statement regarding the shipments of hemp which you can read here.


Will My Delta 8 Package Be Discreet?

Yes. Our packages containing Delta 8 are shipped in unmarked bubble mailers with no indication of the package containing Delta 8. The shipping label on the package will contain your shipping address, our return address and display CBDXtract LLC as the merchant name. 


Is Adult Signature Required for Delta 8 Shipments?

Shipments NOT Containing Vape - No

Shipments Containing Vape - Yes

For packages containing vape, USPS will require you to sign for your package at the door before delivery. They will ask for ID to verify you are 21 or older. 


Will Delta 8 or THCXtract Be Shown On My Bank Statement?

No. You will see CBDXtract LLC listed as the merchant next to the transaction amount on your bank statement.


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