3G HHC Diamonds
3G HHC Diamonds

3G HHC Diamonds

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DazeD8 HHC + CBD Diamond Dabs (3 Grams)

These HHC Dabs have the ultimate potency, incredible flavor & perfect consistency with diamonds that glisten in the sky. 

What are HHC Diamond Dabs?

HHC is a hemp-derived cannabinoid hydrogenated compound that binds to receptors in the body in a similar way to THC. This means that HHC dabs can get you "high" just like THC! 

Since HHC is only found in distillate form (and not diamonds) Dazed8 has mixed in a small portion of CBD Diamonds extract to give their HHC dabs a diamond like consistency, giving you the ultimate dabbing experience!

3G HHC Dabs Information

  • 3 gram of highly potent HHC Diamond Dabs
  • 96.4% Total Cannabinoids
    • 69% HHC - (6aR, 9R, 10aR)
    • 19.7% HHC -  (6aR, 9S, 10aR)
    • 6.69% CBD
  • Child-resistant packaging
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Botanical Terpenes

3G HHC Diamond Dabs - Pineapple Kush Lab Test Results

HHC Distillate Lab Test Results

Flavor Profile

  • Pineapple Kush – Hybrid
  • Super sweet pineapple taste with undertones of mint


  • Hybrid 

  • A unique cross between Pineapple and Master Kush

How Does it Feel?

  • Pineapple Kush is popular for its relaxing effects
  • Euphoricrelaxing, and creative
  • Happy and uplifting

Suggested Use

  • Take 1 or 2 hits then wait 20 minutes for onset

  • Increase consumption until desired intensity is achieved

Why Choose Dazed8?

As their motto states: Where Science Meets Art.

Dazed aims to not only provide the purest product, but educate the consumer every step of the way. Since they are truly single sourced, they are able to break down each step of the extraction process for our consumers so that they can truly understand their product & know exactly where it came from. The Dazed team values innovation & strives to continuously keep their line unique to all other brands.

Locally Sourced

Dazed8 sticks true to their roots. Their close relationships with local Kentucky farmers allow them to communicate our quality standards and know exactly where their hemp is coming from. From there, they only pick the absolute best yields to create pure, potent hemp-derived products.


From farm to consumer, they're fully involved. In fact, they have their own extraction factory that converts a semi-truck's worth of hemp every day. At their facility, they do all their own terpene formulations, filling, and packaging. 


Transparency is Dazed8's top priority. While other brands cut and dilute their products to save a buck, Dazed8 values creating lifelong relationships with their customers. Being one of the only brands who are truly single sourced, Dazed8 has the ability to guarantee the highest quality and consistency. With no cutting agents, pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents, our customers can be at ease knowing that Dazed8 is a safe and premium brand.